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We meet the 1st Thursdays at 6:30


Travis Masonic Lodge 117

2817 N Travis St

Sherman, TX 75090



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Travis Lodge #117 AF&AM

Next STATED Meeting

September 6th, 2018

Dinner at 6:30

Meeting starts at 7:30




Travis Masonic Lodge 117 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
Travis Masonic Lodge 117Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

About Us


We believe in some pretty "old fashioned things". Such as the brotherhood of man.
Service to those who are less fortunate. Helping young people get a head start
toward a promising life. And we believe in God. Surprised? Some people are.
They somehow have come to consider us a secret society. Yet our constitution
and regulations are open for all to see. And our membership is open to men of
all religious convictions. Our only requirement is a belief in a Supreme Being.
This faith leads Masons to provide homes for the elderly and for orphans. We
provide college scholarships to promising young men and women. We contribute to
blood banks, fund medical research, and maintain hospitals for crippled
children. And the Scottish Rite maintains over 100 Childhood Language Disorders
clinics in Texas and across the United States. That's why its not surprising
that 14 presidents have been Masons (including George Washington), along with
five Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. Masons are soldiers (Gen. Douglas
MacArthur), businessmen (Henry Ford), entertainers (John Wayne), and even
astronauts (Wally Shirra). If all this surprises you, that's good. Because
sometimes, we're surprised at all the wrong ideas people have about us.
Freemasons. We want you to get to know us better. Masons From All Walks Of Life
Stand Tall.

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